Our Story

When the pandemic hit, amidst lockdown, we became frustrated as we watched the medical community struggle.

What started as a few conversations around what we could do to help between family and friends, quickly turned into hundreds of conversations with medical professionals uncovering a variety of pain points. We’ve set out to solve them.

At a high level, there was a desire for a global community that offered daily encouragement, resources, and inclusive representation that mirrors the real people working across the medical profession and the values they stand for. The second was a better, improved, medical scrub——better fit, consistent sizing, more pockets, the list goes on.

We’re introducing Apollo to solve for both, by putting the medical community first, building a medical brand that represents real medical professionals——more real people, with real stories, doing the real work.

Apollo is more important now, than ever before.

About 1 in 5 healthcare workers have left medicine since the pandemic began. The lack of support medical practitioners have received over the years has become abundantly clear. As the US population continues to grow and the average lifespan increases, the number of new medical professionals entering the field is struggling to grow in parallel. It’s expected that by 2025, we’ll be severely understaffed to meet the need——by more than 400,000 healthcare workers.

We believe by creating solutions to better support the medical community, we’ll be able to lower the industry exit rate, and overtime, further increase interest around the profession by continuing to solve everyday challenges within the medical community.

Welcome to Apollo.